Terms of Service

  1. These terms relate to the sale of tickets and the provision of services by Just Add Music Ltd “the Company”

  2. The Company is registered in England & Wales with company number 11828258. We can be contacted at bookings@jamlondon.co.uk

  3. The Company, until such a time as these terms are updated and superseded, produces live music events in temporary locations around London. These events may be referred to as “events”, “shows”, “pop-ups”, “performances” or any other similar terms.

  4. Where the Company has a reasonable and genuine expectation that an event will happen, they will offer tickets for sale to the general public. The price of these tickets will be clearly presented, and payment will only be accepted through a third party payment processesor of high repute.

  5. The Company can not be held liable for the security and terms of data protection & processesing where data is collected and processed by a third party.

  6. Tickets for events produced by the Company will entitle the bearer (“ticketholder”) access to a venue where an event is being performed on the date on their ticket, and entitles them to remain at the venue until the end of the event if they wish. If the ticketholder leaves the venue and wishes to return, they will be required to pay the entry fee as it is being charged on the door.

  7. In all circumstances, the Company’s management reserve the right to refuse entry, or to insist on the departure of any persons wishing to attend an event, regardless of whether or not they are a ticketholder.

  8. The Company does not guarantee that the events it promotes on its website and elsewhere, including those for which tickets have been sold, will certainly take place. In accepting these terms, Customers acknowledge that the purchase of a ticket does not guarantee them access to an event if no event takes place on the date on their ticket. However, the Company will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that events do occur.

  9. The Company may contact its Customers using any of the contact details provided to it during the purchase of tickets in order to share information. In accepting these terms, Customers accept the use of their data in this way.